"Where women get into trouble, and men get out of it."

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Lafonn  lafonn.com

Barbara Garwood  barbaragarwood.com

Oliver Weber  owusa.net

Orit Schatzman  oritschatzmanstore.com

Alexis Barbeau  alexisbarbeaudesigns.com

Lestage  lestage.com

Indiri Collection  indiricollection.com

Susan Silver  susansilverdesigner.com

Reyes Del Mar reyesdelmar.com

Chris Bales  elligatorssilverjewelry.com

M-Clip  m-clip.com

Charles Albert  charlesalbert.com

Mystical Madness  mystical.nexcess.net

Deani  deani.com

Belle Etoile  belleetoilejewelry.com  

Frederic Duclos  fredericduclos.com

Silvex  silvexonline.com

Cargo Hold  cargoholdinc.com

Nina Nguyen  nina-nguyen.com

Fisher Bracelets  fisherbracelet.com

Rembrandt Charms  rembrandtcharms.com

Concepts Earrings  conceptsjewelry.com

*Most vendors drop ship. To order, please fill out the contact form while on the contact page or simply hit "place an order" below. Please include product  item numbers/stock numbers when ordering. 

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