The Silver King

The Silver King is located on historic Mustang Island, in Port Aransas, Texas. Specializing in sterling silver jewelry from around the world we are able to bring you the latest in changing jewelry trends as well as the classics that never go out of style. Our brokers in Taxco, Mexico, Venice, Italy and the far east are continually on the lookout for styles and designs that you will not find in most other stores. All of our silver is at least .925 or above, meaning it is 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% copper to give it enough hardness to prevent it from being easily damaged. Some of our designer pieces such as Charles Albert are made with heavy .950 silver bezels which increases the price slightly while at the same time giving them a look and feel you will not find just anywhere.

Pat Farley, Owner

Pat Farley's ancestors settled here 100 years ago when the island was know as Tarpon, Texas, the "Tarpon Capital of the World". They were fishing guides to President Roosevelt and builders of the famous Farley boats, also known as "Tarpon Boats". The Tarpon is still known as "The Silver King" and through conservation efforts are making a slow but steady comeback.